My Thesis’ Seminar Proposal


After crowded works in this semester, then i will finish a half of my study at computer science by my thesis’ seminar proposal under the tittle

Information Text Retrieval in Lyric Music using Dimension Reduction Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and Level of Relevance using Vector Space Model (VSM)”

will be held July,5th 20011, in Biomol lt.2 (behind of Graha Sainta,Math’s hall) University of Brawijaya,@11 AM till end

Lecturer :

Drs.Achmad Ridok,M.Kom (1),  Drs Marji, MT(2) ,

Dian Eka R, SSi, M.Kom (examiner), Lailil Muflikah,Skom,M.Sc (examiner), Yusi Tyroni M,S,Kom,MS (examiner)

i’ll discuss about prepocessing, stemming Nazief-Andriani algorithm, how to construct inverted index structure, term weighting using normalization frequency, singular value decomposition, vector space model, ranked retrieval with sorting using shell sort, evaluate measure of ranked retrieval using 11-point interpolated average precission and mean average precission

This invitation will be delivered to beloved all of my friends, especially my mates in computer sciences 2007, and all of  ilkomers in each generation in computer science UB.  Your pray and support so precisious.  I’m so glad for your coming.  Unforgotable for all of our best friend who can’t join in this moment. Miss your  acceptance guys..Thanks. 🙂

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