Workshop Mobile Programming by Nokia

Nokia.ICE (Indonesia Commnunity Enthusiast)  Brawijaya

Workshop Mobile Programming by Nokia held in Informatic Laboratory at University of Brawijaya about 3 days. 11th July till 13 July. So wonderful of my time that can discussed and learned more about J2ME programming. I have known a little before about J2ME, even very very little more. This workshop has covered so well, made me attracted to join this event part by part. Focus’ workshop in J2ME game programming, simple game. The members of this workshop is limited just for about 30 persons, and each person have to able using Java Programming. Ya, because basic of Java Programming was used in workshop.

This workshop conducted by Mr. Alex Budiyanto, OSUM community Manager at Sun Microsystem and NOKIA.Ice (Indonesia Community Enthusiast) Academic Developer Evangelist. Mr.Alex that kind of person who has many experiences about community. He told us everything about his background till becoming person as present, and many quotes that can be explored for us, by ourselves. Moreover simple but meaningful.

1st Day

At the first day we learned about what is J2ME, what is attributes, functions, and when we use feature so we can deploy our .jar in our mobile that support Java platform. We learned how to make contact phone using RMS  (Record Management System). We also learned basic of computer graphics such as how to make circle, rectangle, arc,and so on , how to use RGB color, how to use position of shapes correctly based on requirements. This workshop not only just a presentation but practice more how to make, how to use, so at the first day we asked for making MICKEY picture.  I though that my MICKEY picture was so funny…^_^

2nd Day

At the second day we learned about how to make simple game using low level and high level of User Interface (UI). We practiced Game Pong, how to add score, how to manage life in that game, how to use thread, how to use Sprite character of the game, how to import sound in the game, how to use Collision between paddle and ball. So fun. I tried little by little. I have big passion of this workshop, i don’t know why, but this new for me, because i haven’t made game before in mobile. Really fun..:)

3rd Day

The day ran so fast :(… At the third day we made game but this game more complex. The game called “Hit The Birds”. Scenario of this game, there is Mr.Smith who thrown rock to hit the bird, and would explode if the rock and the ball meet. Besides game, there was sharing session with Mr.Alex, about becoming developer (this session ran because blackout in sudden, just for about one a half hours) 🙂 Again…never mind still meaningful..:)

Workshop Mobile Programming (picture taken from Mr.Alex album)

This workshop have many advantages.By this event hopefully Nokia.Ice Brawijaya can expand ability of game programming. Ganbatte ne…:)

0 thoughts on “Workshop Mobile Programming by Nokia

  1. yup.. yup… This event is swing up my passion on game programming #Lebay :p
    “Learn more ‘n more about J2ME that I use on my thesis program..”., This is my first aim.. But as the time goes by., this event attract me to try game programming..
    ‘n I’m the one of that participants in this event.., with you.., exactLy… 🙂
    How Lucky I’m…!! ^^ Do you feeL the same., don’t you..? (based on the articLe above..) 😀
    Hope that we can share and gather with another member of Nokia.Ice Brawijaya next time… 😉
    Let’s create another Mr.Smith..!! Ganbatte nee..!! \(^_^)/

    • incridible…and at last but not least we just have to say love for coding…
      Sharing each other is the one of requirements to explore our ability…
      Hopefully Nokia.Ice Brawijaya grow up little by litle and moreee….
      Well Ganbatte ne…:)

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