Return unhidden folders/files of Removable Disk in Windows

Freta,my friend in KS 3’s zone have shocked because of hidden folders in her hardisk. She told me viruses attacked then made all folders hidden. Honestly, i haven’t gotten this problem yet. But well, she told that her friend in the other area can solve this problem. Hmm ya. It’s so amazing when i openned its removable disk in my Linux Fedora 15, no one  folders and files hidden.

Just browse it to find this question,”how to unhidden folders,windows” so what is the answer?, almost reference tells something how to organize folder,and well it’s so simple way to solve i think. But its way doesn’t work, because this folders/files have injected by hidden viruses. So let’s take this way, friend :

  • open your command prompt
  • change directories C: become directory of your removable disk, for example your directory placed in “H:\” so just have to type “H:” then ENTER.
  • then type this command ATTRIB *.* -S -H -R /S /D

Well,it works!!! ^___^

Reference : Google :p

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