First Meeting ~ Garuda Muda

Monday, April 9th 2012

~Garuda Muda~

Today is so remarkable day for me. I met new friends who incorporated in Garuda Muda. First meeting and here we learn english together, especially about the speak up. Something that should be memorized if we wanna practice speak up more, we might be forget about the grammar first, because grammar can make us afraid to arrange sentences. At the first time we learn about how to enrich many words and can put it in sentence.

Well, via and I distracted at the first, really awkward, but it was a moment, and everything turned on pleasant at once. Our new friends here is so friendly and the awkward thing was melt away, they’re so funny. We was laughing together when anybody made something “alay”. They said “alay” was processed that to be passed before get adult step. How funny it is. Is it really like that? What do you think, guys?

Their recent activity, they have learned in English under subject Simple Present Tense. Then Via have an incredible idea, to make us speak up at the first. We have to arrange a sentences using Simple Present Tense. And how about the result? Very enthusiastic. After crowded with Simple Present Tense sentences,then we learn about tongue twister. Tongue twister is one of ways how to increase our ability in pronunciation. Each person have to say “Lesley loves Roger, but Roger doesn’t love Lesley.  Roger rather likes Lucy”. It looks like simple, however we met something difficult to say in some words, after we listened how well native speaker to speak. That sentence was taken from BBC tongue twister.

The time run so fast, we broke up this meeting, and maybe we can meet next week. Glad to see this friends and hopefully we can learn more and more about how to speak up in english.
See you guys ^__^

Correct me if I have mistake during using English.. 🙂

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