Garuda Muda ~ Listening Song

My recent meeting with Garuda Muda was held on Thursday, April 12th 2012. In this meeting we listened a song under the title “Hero” which have sang by Mariah Carey. Who’s that? She is incredible singer that has beautiful voice. We obtained a paper that contains Hero’s lyric. The parts of lyrics is blank, and we have to filled in the blank correctly through listened the song. We listened the music and giving checked the answer about two times.

There were rules before we answered the question. We never don’t know who will answer the question next, we can’t guess it first, because it’s really depends on the lucky :D. How come? Yes, we have to count first, we made a circle and each person counting sequentially.  But wait! It just not counting, there is the rule of counting. For instance in any multiple number of 5 we have to say “kwek”. The instruction based on the last person who get lucky to answer the question. It’s really funny.

Just one song but it was spent many times, and we haven’t realized yet that the time is over. That’s all.See you again guys 🙂

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