Garuda Muda ~ Guessing Word Games

April 16th 2012

  • There are 5 question
  • All members made a groups, in each group contains of 3 persons.
  • There are 4 groups, (1) Hello Kitty, (2) Cobbler, (3) 3 Angels, (4) Swinging Grass
  • Swinging Grass’ group won the game, then 3 Angels in the 3rd rank, Cobbler in 2nd rank
  • Hello Kitty lose the game, so the members got a punishment. Hello Kitty’s group contains of Yayan and Arys. So funny when they gave song to us, “Twinkle…Twinkle…little stars..”

Via as a tutor was absent so I was change Via’s position, but Ivan still help me, also Mbak Een. Thanks 🙂

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