My Bachelor Degree Graduation

#July 14th 2012 It was indescribable moment, when i was at  fascinating  place. My graduation day was held in two places, first, we were in Samanta Krida hall [all of graduate students of all faculties was here], then continue to the yard of Science Faculty [it just ceremonial part]. It was about 1024 students graduated at 6th Period of Graduation in UB (Wisuda Periode 6), and 49 students who celebrated their graduation in Science Faculty. A little bit issue during my graduation. I was late when arriving at Samantha Krida hall (the hall where the main celebration of graduation held). I had to come before 6.30 AM, but I just arrived about 7.00 AM. It was happened because of queue at the salon. After finishing of getting bussy from the salon, I got traffic jam to the way to go to campus. Ahh… I though that the door at Samanta Kirda was closed because of my retard. I was relieved when I saw that evidently the door was still open. Alhamdulillah…. No longer from my arrival at my graduates’ chair, the ceremonial began. Then I felt something wrong in my kebaya. Oh my God!!! What’s terrific! [I can’t tell you more here because it was woman’s problem] 😀

I am going to continue my story. Actually, I already signed up for this Graduation in 5th Period, however because of some activities, I have to cancelled it, and I changed my Graduation stage in the next Period. So, I must work out of deal my graduate’s certificate in rectorate after graduation ceremonial in Samantha Krida hall. that time I had two problems that have to fixed, thinking my kebaya as well as my degree of ceritficate. I was still remain of taking a picture with my family after the ceremonial in Samantha Krida end. Hehe.. I went to rectorate to fixed my graduates’ certificate, and I saw many students there, who have same problems with me. It was 30 minutes long I was in rectorate, and some missed call in my phone from the faculty, it’s indicated that I had to come soon at the faculty because the ceremonial in faculty would begin soon. Hosh…hosh…finally I got my graduates’s certificate but I still didn’t got my KTA[Kartu Tanda Alumni], and I had to fixed it later for sure, but I had no more time at that time, so I run away from rectorate to my faculty for the next ceremonial. I was very late at the faculty. My heart beat hard, and my sweat run out. But I have to remained solemn during the ceremonial.

Graduates from Computer Science

In my major, Computer Science’s field there was 8 students who graduated. 3 students out of 8 received cum laude predicate in this period of graduation. Sigit Adinugroho,S.Kom , Betha Nurina Sari,S.Kom, and Yuita Arum Sari, S.Kom. Alhamdulillah I got appreciation because of that . My Dean gave us medal and certificate as a cum laude student. On the other hands, I got appreciation again because of my academic and non academic achievement during being student in Computer Science, Science Faculty, Brawijaya University. So, I got two types of appreciation at the same time, alhamdulillah. My name was calling twice as a cum laude student and outstanding student.  Really thanks to God, my parents, my family, my friends, my lectures, and everyone who I can’t call one by one. I love you to pieces! Alhamdulillah… Hopefully, what I have now, will be  useful for me and other people. My further step is I have to continue my study in master degree at informatics Engineering in Tenth of November Institute Technology (ITS) Surabaya. Alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah I can continue my study with scholarship from Dikti (Beasiswa Unggulan Dikti) 2012 (You can find out more the information here >>> ) Still keep learning… I’m proud to be ILKOMERS… ^__^

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