July Has Gone So Fast

Every best moment always come in July in each year and my best moment in this year (2014) came with Ramadhan and my detail events moreless as below :

1st : my big bro birthday, and surprise email from Embassy of Poland.

3rd : I was in final examination as Master student in ITS.


“Second chapter has done and ready for the next phase. Writing journal related to this research is still waiting list right now. Weekend is not really day off a long day, but a moment to rest for a couple hours only. Always keep fighting and doing the best for 10 last days of Ramadhan. Aamiin. #thesis #blessing #fingercrossed #research #Ramadhan “ ~ This picture was taken from my instagram

9th : The Indonesia Election Day.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 6.05.26 am

Today is Indonesia Election Day. The day that will drive Indonesia gaining brighter days for 5 years then. Say no to GOLPUT. Whoever who chosen, hopefully they could convey this country better.Aamiin. #electionday #indonesia #July #Ramadhan. ~ This picture was taken from my instagram

10th-13th : I went to Jakarta to process my visa. I also visited University of Indonesia in Depok, and went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta.

20140713_043747-kdcollageEventually, I can go to University of Indonesia after just dreaming only in couple of years. This was my first time to go there with commuter (KRL) alone. I was at Depok for visiting my close sister Mbak Milyun who was studying as Master Student in Computer Science at University  of Indonesia. I also met Udin and Mas Ari who studying together with mbak Milyun. We are close each other because we are part of Computer Science students in bachelor degree at Brawijaya University. Proud of them after no meet so long and glad came face to face with them again in higher degree as master student. The picture was taken in the Computer Science Faculty and library of University of Indonesia.


They are  my classmates as Computer Science student at University of Brawijaya as 2007 grade. They  helped me much during m rush process in Jakarta, especially for Irine and Bagus, I am so thankful with them.  They arranged the limited time become a great time for memorising our friendship. We were at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) and again this is my first time to go this place 😀

15th : my birthday and I should hide the specific number of my age right now. 😀 I was getting old 😀

23th : Gathering with all my classmates in master student and my lab research team.


We never cannot stand alone for battle in our environment, we need others. They are part of my life when I was studying in my Master student,  my classmates and my research team. We spend our night at Dimsum Suki Surabaya.

24th : my last meeting in the English First course in Surabaya. I have birthday gift from them. I finished two terms of  upper intermediate level (a half of Book 9 and half of Book 10) in English First.

28th-29th : Lebaran Day, yey 😀

Actually, I am not seriously enough to create this post. I just spent a couple minutes to memorise my July for a while. 😀

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