First Snow in My Life

Snow! Softly screamed I said in the last early morning of Tuesday in this week (Nov, 25th, 2014), exactly in the middle night. The first time in my life, snowy at night made me sleepless during that time because of more excited of welcoming a new thing. It was incredible night and so beautiful landscape when I tried to move around my eyes outside  my dorm through my window, everywhere was white and really damn cold. I could not understand about the weather in that day because, recently, almost of couple days were gloomy, and in Monday afternoon sun shone brightly, however I did not say that was warmer. Nope! The weather getting colder in each time and even I still freeze in my own room, whereas the heater is turned on already. I could not wait for beautiful moment of playing snow in the next morning, then I went to sleep soon. Zzzzz.

However, Could you guess what was happened in the morning? After I got dawn prayer, I saw mostly white thing has gone 🙁 Unfortunately, I could not make snowman as I planned before, and of course I could not enjoy of taking picture more, because the snow has melt so quickly. Perhaps, I should be patient to wait for its coming back. See you snow 🙂

saljuAt the same day there is difference condition between last afternoon and last night, but both of them was in similar weather 🙂 The first picture was taken in a bus stop when I back home to dorm from campus, and the last one was taken from second floor of my dorm.

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