Thank you Interweave !

Being part of INTERWEAVE awardees is kind of things that I could not imagine before, and I am really gratified could be counted in. Thus, firstly, thank you INTERWEAVE for this such wonderful opportunity.

INTERWEAVE is one of partnership program of Erasmus+ and you can see further information concerning INTERWEAVE in this link. Are you interested? If so, you could dig more and more about your preference in this program and happy to select the best university and major that fit for you. We are waiting for you to stand here, in European continent.

Let me to get back for a while, when I joined pre departure briefing in Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta at couple months ago, exactly in June 2014, even I already obtained the awardees certificate directly in the stage, I was still thinking that I dreamed. I followed all procedures before departure and I just realised everything would be new when I left Indonesia to flight here, in Poland. At the moment, I am not only dreaming, but also could  reach one of my dreams for touching down Europe at my first time in my life, even more my first time to live abroad as well. Everything was awesome when I traveled from Indonesia to Poland alone. I could learn about how to survive by ourself in every condition. In fact, everything was fine, several people helped me much during journey and I have a great mentor in Poland who really kind 🙂


The picture above shows the member of interweave awardees cohort 1 before departure around Europe. One Phd student, half of us are Master students who hold full degree and exchange, and the rest are bachelor exchange. All of us come from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Indonesia. We have the same feeling at the first time of coming European country and we have been sharing many stories before and after arrive in Europe. We are really satisfied with our tremendous experience exploring Europe and get much intention to study, travel, build network among students around the world, and widely opened our mind.


Now the time goes  and we have been living in European country, such as Italy, Poland, Estonia, Portugal, and Greece. It is already 4 months in average and actually, most of us already miss enough with Indonesian cuisine which something spicy. Perhaps, we need to travel other countries which Indonesian people most live in to simply enjoy Indonesian dishes. I really want to have a meal of Rendang, tempe, bakso, tahu telor, batagor, mie ayam, and so on 😀 A further point, we are trying to take pleasure with 4 seasons that we never felt before (because in Indonesia we only has 2 seasons, in which wet and dry season), and in this period we have winter. The coldest place is Estonia and you can see from the picture above, my friend succeed of making snowman after heavy snow in her region. Meanwhile, the hottest ones is in Potugal, better to come here at winter, but not in reasonable price for student 😀

To sum up, this month is the last chapter of 2014, so we don’t want to leave a piece of moments with something useless. Therefore, we already have plan to spend our winter holiday to go other countries in Europe and Interweave students will met up in Berlin at Christmas. Unfortunately, I could not to blend with them , because of my earlier booked ticket in other places 🙁 . Nevertheless, I hope our holiday will be nice and everything will be awesome as well. See you winter break! *2 weeks remaining*

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